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Zinc oxide and zinc dust: perpetual recycling...Oxyde de zinc

The Recylex Group's zinc oxide and zinc dust production is based at the Norzinco GmbH plant in Goslar-Oker, Germany. Like lead, the fundamental characteristic of zinc is that it can be recycled perpetually. Recycled zinc inevitably has less of an impact on the environment than zinc produced from zinc ore, and therefore helps to preserve natural resources.


Metallic scraps from old zinc (roofing zinc), top dross and re-melted zinc are recycled to produce a high quality and very high purity zinc oxide and zinc dust. The processed material comes for example from house roofs or drainpipes, continuous galvanizing plants or companies specialized in re-melting of various zinc-containing scrap. In synergy with the used battery market, zinc waste is purchased from collectors, the top dross and remelted zinc directly from its sources. These raw materials are processed in a “New-Jersey-Process”, a distillation process under very high temperatures and come out in the form of zinc oxide and zinc dust. The high-purity oxide is intended primarily for the chemical, tyre, glass and cosmetics industries, the zinc dust being mainly used for anti-corrosion coatings (marine paints).