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C2P SAS (France) and C2P Germany GmbH (Germany), the Recylex Group's plastics subsidiaries, are key players in the high quality polypropylene compound market.C2P owes its unique expertise to over 20 years' experience in plastics technology and listening closely to environmental needs and market economics.

Since it was founded, C2P has been a pioneer and one of Europe's market leaders in recycled polypropylene.



From the recycling of post-industrial and post-consumer waste, C2P produces high quality polypropylene compounds meeting current demands, particularly from the automotive industry. C2P has also been approved by the main European carmakers since 1994. Recycled polypropylene production is located at two sites: Villefranche-sur-Saône in France and Oker-Goslar in Germany.

C2P's production facilities provide current capacity of 15,000 tonnes per year. Each year, up to 10,000 tonnes of ground batteries are supplied to C2P to produce its compounds. More than 50% of these grindings come from the Recylex Group's used automotive and industrial battery scrapping plants. Other supply sources come from various additional recyclable materials, such as bottle caps, ground bumpers and other polypropylene grindings. 


  • The compounding process:

On receiving the materials, C2P conducts a series of checks to ensure the quality of the incoming product. This is followed by sorting and grinding, and then the separating and washing of the plastic materials collected. Homogenisation is then carried out at mixing silos. The material is extruded and compounded, with the possibility of adding mineral fillers, colouring, thermal and/or UV stabilisers etc., and then granulated. The finished product is packaged in big bags, octabins, pallet bags or bulk containers and checked by the in-house laboratory

Regular analysis is performed to check that the raw materials and finished products meet the quality requirements of C2P and its clients. 


C2P activity



Effective management of plastic waste is achieved by setting up a collection, sorting and processing service tailored to the client and its needs. C2P therefore offers a comprehensive service for collecting plastic material waste at companies.

C2P's technical capacity means that all types of thermoplastic waste can be treated, such as production offcuts and scraps, post-industrial waste and post-consumer waste. This means that C2P is able to offer a broader range of ground materials.


What are the outlets ?

C2P's recycling process is very environmentally friendly. A wide range of products is offered to clients and used in a number of business sectors such as the automotive industry, horticulture, construction and, more broadly, various industrial applications.

For applications requiring specific characteristics - for example physico-chemical, mechanical or particular colours - a Research & Development department is on hand to listen to clients and assess the feasibility of a compound that would meet specific functional requirements. 


For more information, please visit the C2P - France and C2P - Germany websites.