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 A worldwide specialist in special metals

PPM Pure Metals GmbH (PPM), a subsidiary of the Recylex Group, is a well-known name in the worldwide special chemicals market. Having been part of the Group since 1988, it produces metals of extreme purity and in small quantities for the high tech industries. The Recylex Group's special metals business is based in Germany at the plants in Langelsheim and Osterwieck.


  • A very broad product range

PPM has a broader product range than any other company in the sector. This constitutes a clear advantage for clients in terms of flexibility, technological expertise and the company's ability to smooth out the cyclical nature of demand for special metals. PPM produces the following metals:


- Antimony - Gallium - Lead
- Arsenic - Germanium and - Tellurium 
- Cadmium    Germanium compounds                  - Tin
- Cadmium telluride                  - Indium and Indium - Titanium Tetrachloride
- Copper    compounds - Zinc







Métaux spéciaux


The three main products processed by PPM are Germanium, Arsenic and Gallium. These products are intended for use in the high tech markets like mobile communication and solar power generation.

PPM has also developed a specific know-how to recycle residues or materials containing Gallium, Germanium and Indium.


  • A unique high purification process

PPM has exceptional expertise in the purification of special metals. The processed technology metals are mainly by-products of other metallurgical industries such as copper, zinc and aluminium, or of the chemicals industry. These products are delivered to the Langelsheim or Osterwieck plants with a 95-99% degree of purity. Based on different refining technologies, the treatment they undergo can increase the degree of purity to up to 99.999995%.



  • Sectors of use

Due to the broad range of products offered by PPM, they are used in a variety of sectors. The special metals business serves primarily computer manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers, solar energy and optoelectronic industries.  


For more information, please visit the PPM Pure Metals GmbH website.