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Recylex - the European recycling specialist


The Recylex Group is a key player in industrial recycling in Europe, with four business lines :

  • Recycling of lead, mainly from used car and industrial batteries;
  • Recycling of plastic (polypropylene), mainly from used battery casings and other industrial waste such as car parts and construction waste;
  • Recycling of zinc : with the production of Waelz oxides from the recycling of electric arc furnace dust and production of zinc oxides from the recycling of old zinc;
  • Production of special metals used primarily in the electronics sector, the optical industry and cutting edge technologies.


All of the Recylex Group's activities and products cover upstream and downstream areas of the construction, automotive and electronics industries.


Never ending materials…


At the heart of its approach and its commitment to the environment, Recylex's mission is based on a strong positioning: Recycle, Transform, Enhance.


  • Recycling lead, zinc and plastic while also respecting the environment.
  • Transforming and smelting the used material to renew its life cycle.
  • Enhancing materials by means of our unparalleled expertise and know-how to serve our clients and partners.


Recylex establishes long-term recycling loops: 80% of the materials in used batteries are used to produce new batteries.


The Recylex Group benefits from unique know-how derived from its industrial history of more than 100 years, its up-to-date technology and assets, its efficient and durable geographical coverage, and its diversified portfolio of suppliers and loyal clients.


History of the Recylex Group


In 1881, Peñarroya was created, a company specialising in mining and then metallurgy. This French multinational came to symbolise the industrial revolution and technical progress, characterising the industrial history of the 20th century.


In 1988, the Peñarroya mining and metallurgy company merged with the non-ferrous metals division Preussag, resulting in the creation of the Metaleurop Group. As the mining business wound down, Metaleurop capitalised on its expertise in metal transformation to specialise in recycling.


In 2007, the group became Recylex, to reflect this new strategy and position itself as a key player in recycling in Europe. Currently the third-largest lead producer in Europe, the Recylex Group has operations in France and Germany comprising around ten production plants and has more than 660 employees.


Recylex SA is listed on Euronext Paris.


  • Chairman and Chief Executive Officer:

Sebastian RUDOW


  • Directors:

Christopher ESKDALE
Jean-Pierre THOMAS
Laetitia SETA

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