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Sustainable development charter


Health, safety, environment and working conditions

The Recylex group recycles and enhances waste metal and polypropylene and also produces high-purity metals. The protection of the natural and human environment is incorporated in the development of our business activities.

Anticipating and preventing risks linked to the health of our employees, the safety and security of our production facilities and the protection of our environment are key aspects of our strategy and the corporate culture promoted by our Group.

Given our high standards of responsibility, we engage in dialogue with all the Group’s stakeholders, including our employees, our business and administrative partners, our suppliers, our customers and the local environment.


Our policy

  • Protect the environment by complying with the relevant regulations
  • Safeguard employees’ health
  • Maintain a sustainable performance
  • This policy is implemented as part of the continuous improvement of our QHSE management system.


Our commitments

  • Control and mitigate our impact on the natural environment.
  • Consult local and national stakeholders.
  • Improve employees’ working conditions.
  • Identify risks and develop and implement effective risk management systems.
  • Measure and enhance our processes to prevent work illnesses and workplace accidents.
  • Design, maintain and operate our facilities reliably, effectively and in an environment-friendly manner.
  •  Identify and optimize our energy consumption.


“For our corporate project to succeed, everybody needs to get behind this initiative. I am looking to our managers to develop this mindset among our all employees, so that we can all work towards the goals we have set.”