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Key player in the recycling sector

Recylex plays a crucial role in industrial recycling. It processes and recovers several kinds of auto components, i.e. hazardous waste like steel mill dust and used-batteries and non-hazardous waste like zinc scraps.

Recylex's activities also contribute to reduce the use of non-renewable primary materials, such as lead or zinc - which can be recycled indefinitely - or, indirectly, oil by recycling polypropylene. The Group thus establishes sustainable recycling loops: 80% of the materials in used batteries are used to produce new batteries.

Through recycling, the Group contributes to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding the energy consumption required for the extraction of raw materials and their transport to Europe. Recycling technologies also consume less energy than the processes used to produce primary raw materials.


Contribution to the development of renewable energy

The Group contributes to the development of renewable energy through its PPM GmbH subsidiary, which produces the raw material used in the production of thin-film photovoltaic cells using cadmium telluride. In addition, so-called stationary lead-acid batteries are widely used for the temporary storage of energy in the solar and wind generation sectors.


Rehabilitation of mining concessions

Inherited from its past mining activity, the monitoring or rehabilitation of thirty or so mining concessions in France remains under the Group’s responsibility. Recylex defined a programme of securing its mining concessions, which was validated and regularly kept updated with the French industry and ecology Ministry and local authorities.

The procedure for abandoning work at mining concessions depends on the Mining Code legislation and consists firstly of ensuring the safety of mining installations and former waste sites, prior to the administrative process of returning them to government ownership, formalised by the publication of a Ministerial decree of cancellation.

At December 31, 2012, Recylex SA held 10 mining concessions and one operating permit, having successfully obtained ministerial orders of cancellation for 17 concessions since 2005, including one in 2012.

Geographic location of mining concessions

Location of mining concessions